Interview with Nástio Mosquito
maker of S.E.F.A. (Se Eu Fosse Angolano)

Do you notice a difference in audience between different countries and/or cities? 
Yes and no... Each place has its own pulse, I guess. But for me it does not really matter the country or city, even though my ego does pay attention to those things... At the end either you have a good vibe at the venue you’re at or not; and that is always a combination of all kinds of things. The best tech team does not guarantee an inspiring performance, neither does a welcoming audience. It’s always a combination of elements that I confess having no idea what it is... Some people call it “the god particle” in the room... Who tha fuck knows. I prepare as much as my spirit is able to prevail, the rest is the rest.

What drives you to be creative?
Not really sure... But it is lots of fun, most of the time. There are moments nowadays I am aware it’s my job as well as my natural state of self-imposed joy.

If you hadn’t become an artist, what would have been your profession?
Do you think I became an artist? Curious... If I was in the business of becoming something, as I might one day be, I think I would be some kind of bird researcher. I like birds... At least from a distance.